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Published: 01st February 2010
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Since writing my last article about Melaleuca , Melaleuca Wellness Training Tips That Will Produce Immediate Results In Your Team , I have had numerous people asking the question, Is Melaleuca a good business? If your considering Melaleuca you need to rate its worth agasinst the key criteria of a good business.

At this time I would just like to make readers aware that I am not a member of Melaleuca. Ultimately any decision you make about the Melaleuca business opportunity should be the product of wider research beyond the scope of this article.

So, is Melaleuca a good business ?

Criteria 1. Is Melaleuca a stable company?

Today Melaleuca is one of the largest and successful MLM's in the wellness industry. Melaleuca has risen from humble beginnings to become a major player in a highly competitive industry, however it has not all been plain sailing. In 1985 Melaleuca was taken over by Frank L. VanderSloot who dissolved the original company structure, without delay brought the company's product line into compliance with FDA regulations and initiated a new marketing plan to support both customers and distributors. With this new framework the company has continued to achieve success

Criteria 2. Is Melaleuca Is An Established Brand?

Melaleuca has branded itself as a company that cares about families providing safer product alternatives Today the Melaleuca product list consists of over 350 health and wellness products, all focused on providing a peace of mind with regard to personal and family wellbeing. The company has forged strong brand recognition in the wellness product market and is a recognised name.

Criteria 3.Are Melaleuca Products In High Demand?

In A trending marketplace with an agind population in almost all developed nations, health and wellness has become a key concern. This population pattern has put Melaleuca in the box seat As an recognized, reputable brand Melaleuca already has the public confidence and presents a range of health and wellness products that can assist you with ailments such as arthritis, a common ailment of the elderly. As the population ages the need for wellness products will significantlyincrease and for this reason Melaleuca will continue to grow at a tremendous rate.

Criteria 4. Does Melaleuca Offer A Workable Compensation Plan?

The potential to earn large with Melaleuca is real.. While the compensation structure is a little complicated your earining capacity is determined by three factors: the number of customers you have, the amount each customer purchases each month, and the number of sales reps you have underneath you. While opinions on the payment model are varied, the Melaleuca business model has withstood the test of time and there are numerous Melaleuca success stories.

So,is Melaleuca a good business?

review it against the four criteria above the answer is yes, but that does not mean you are going to automatically be successful with the Melaleuca business model. Probably the biggest weakness of Melaleuca is its warm list marketing training strategy. Traditional methodologies like belly to belly marketing and hotel meetings are not the answer intodays global marketplace Simply put, these strategies don't work for your average rep. More to the point they generally alienate people. This aside you can make a lot of money as a Melaleuca distributor, especially if you focus your marketing online.

To answer the question Is Melaleuca is a good business ? it's a reputable company and presents a goodfoundation for success. Melaleuca is a proven performer in a competitive market and has a extensive in demand product list. The only barrier to your Melaleuca success is your ability to successfully market whats on offer. Do this and you can enjoy Melaleuca success.

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